Long time, no see…

Well, time flies – and over a year has gone since I did publish anything here… So now I felt like the time to do some decisions had arrived – should I give this blog a second (third?) chance or just get rid of the whole thing?

My Flickr have kind of been taking off lately (well, at least it feels so for me 😉 ) – so I guess that was what made me come to this conclusion: I’ll give myself a new chance, and see if I’ll keep it up this time 😀

Let’s see, I’ll try to do it like this for now: I’ll attempt to do one outfit, one location and one photo tip each week – they may be in separate blog entries or all combined in one post – so 1 to 3 post pr. week as a start? My goal is to do Wednesday, Friday and Sunday posts here – and Flickr all the time 🙂


About today’s featured picture: I just added 3072sqm to my beach property, making it 8192 in total – so I have ample room to walk my puppies 😀 They are all from Jian, and believe it or not; they are quite well behaved!

Since the sun was setting and it’s still early in the year, I decided to skip the bikini and wear an outfit from Blueberry instead – the great Power Play combo that I got as Megapack with all options included! It is a wonderfully versatile set that can be combined in so many ways – here I went for sand-coloured cotton pants and a plaid blue tucked-in shirt. I could have done jeans and satin shirt from the HUDs  – that’s how versatile this Megapack is… Although I’m at the beach, I went for my fave classic pumps, the Jai Classic Pumps from Rowne – because, you know  – SL 😀

Body from Maitreya, head from Lelutka, eyewear from Deep Static(Zoey) and shape by me as always – and one of my all time favourite hairs, Mecca from Doux!

Well – lets see what happens this time 😉




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