50 shades of…

Colors – what else could I be thinking of… Snapshots taken in Second Life (or renderings from most 3D software for that sake) can easily be a bit bland and lacking in color and contrast – due to many boring reasons. Some easy postprocessing can be the way so save a picture that is lacking […]

Bad Hair Days…

One of the things that I have most problems with in Second Life is getting the hair right. Luckily there are designers who have solutions for this, like this outfit I found at Coco Designs – one of my favorite designers at the moment! The really cool thing is that most of the clothing is […]


Can you spot the difference between these two 😉 ? I think this illustrates the importance of choosing the right Field-Of-View of Focal Lenght when taking photos. The first one is taken with the standard SL view angle and zooming in with the mousewheel. The second one is taken by clicking ctrl-0 five times and […]

Location, location, location…

There are many wonderful places in Second Life, and traveling around you might find a lot of photogenic loactions. It can be time consuming though, and luckily there are plenty of options to a lenghty excursion looking for the perfect spot… My favorites at the moment are Backdrop City, Backdrop Cove and Backdrop Village… At […]

SL Photography

Photohograpy is one of my main interests, both in SL and RL. It is fun to do photoshoots at locations, but I have realized that a studio of my own is quite useful… And here it is  – @Coyville HQ – feel free to come over and test the setup. The rig closest to the […]

The Journey Begins

After spending 10 years inside Second Life, it is high time to bring some of my experiences to the Real Life. This will (hopefully) be a blog sharing some useful (and some not quite so) information about fashion, photo and (second) life in general. Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — […]