Time for a change…

Well, perhaps it is time to change my appearance. I have been so fixated on my look that I even have skipped the latest updates on my head, because I did not feel comfortable with the minute changes from version to version. But that meant BoM was not an option, and even worse – the shin I have literally grown into is not available in a BoM version either.

If BoM was to be an option, radical changes were necessary!

So, new head and new skin and then of course a new shape – but trying to keep some of the “identity” of the previous me…

Here is what I have come up with at the current moment:


The new LeLutka Lake head, Flora skin From DeeTalez and a shape that I’m still working on…

The part I am most impressed with so far is the neck matching system DeeTalez have come up with. This makes a completely seamless transition from body to head, even though I’m still wearing my “old” body skin from The Skinnery! Great work, DeeTalez!!

I’ve decided to give this configuration a chance – stay with it for some time, and see if it feels like “me” 😉  Guess we’ll see in the next posts 😀


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