Time to soak up some energy from a big warm sun! But I must confess that I quite often hide in the shadows too 😀


My newfound friends seemed to appreciate the shadows too – no wonder as they have to wear fur all year round 😉


And whatever I did, I could not tempt any of them to take a swim with me 🙂


I might have imagined it, but it sounded like somebody behind me was laughing at my attempt to get the tigers to join me 😀


What I wear:
  • Shape: The last rendition of Me
  • Body: Legacy Perky
  • Head: LeLUTKA – Evo Lake
  • Skin (Head):  DeeTaleZ – Flora, European + DeeTaleZ *Universal Neckmatch* for ALL BODIES/ European
  • Skin (Body): [theSkinnery] Bom Body – FIT – Petite honey
  • Eyes: Izzie’s – Tokyo Eyes (Pale)
  • Hair:  Pic 1/Doux Summer Day Gacha  – Pics 2,3/Kuni Theresa
  • Outfit:

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